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1 The wife of Nabal, a wealthy and churlish rancher in Carmel (1Sam 25:2-3). When Nabal refused to acknowledge David’s authority, she arranged a meeting with David and later, after her husband’s death, became his wife (1Sam 25:39-42). She and Ahinoam, another wife of David, were later captured by raiding Amalekites and rescued by David (1Sam 30). Later, in Hebron, Abigail bore David a son named Chileab (2Sam 3:3; 1Chr 3:1 records the son’s name as Daniel). 2 According to (2Sam 17:25), the mother of Amasa, whom Absalom appointed commander in place of Joab (2Sam 19:13), the wife of Ithra the Israelite (Jether the Ishmaelite according to 1Chr 2:17), the daughter of Nahash, and the sister of Joab’s mother, Zeruiah. According to (1Chr 2:16) Abigail and Zeruiah were the daughters of Jesse and the sisters of David.